Goal Keeper Update! Movember Edition

Time for my favourite update!!!

Nothing like seeing your pay cheque come in and out in a matter of minutes, but every penny has it’s purpose!

Net worth: +48%!!!!

Debt Free: 33% (the first 10% took me all of 2011) Change of 2%.

+ $1,102 Side income 226% of goal
+ $300 School/house fund @69% of goal
+$300Travel Fund @10% of goal
+$260 Emergency Fund @57% of goal

Finally my cash flow is back to normal! When I switched jobs I actually took a small pay cut, but because benefits and other expenses are fully funded by the company, my take home pay is actually $10 higher! I was worried about the impact of the pay cut on my budget. And even better news if I pass my 3 months probation I will get a raise bringing me closer to my old pay and actually a lot higher in take home mula!

I am now 48% more worthy, and overall 143% higher net worth since the beginning of the year!! As my net worth continues to grow the % will be drastic as the base number will be low and any increase will mean a great jump.  I am attacking my debt and at the same time saving and this will result in some fantastical growth numbers in the near future. Currently my debt free date is Oct 2014 (including car) but I am hoping to do it by Feb 2014 (My 30th birthday yakes). At this point I don’t even know when I will be dept free, as I said one month at a time. I am now almost a 1/3 of the way there and truly hope the next the next 2/3 only take 2 more years.

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2 Responses to Goal Keeper Update! Movember Edition

  1. Good For you those numbers are certainly nice to look at when they go UP! keep UP the good work mate. Mr.CBB

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