If I wanted to, I can do it

It is pretty amazing that if I really wanted (needed) to I can cut down my spending down to the bare minimum and still enjoy my life. The last month left me a bit in a cash crunch as I did not get paid for almost a whole month. On top of that I did my best not to mess around with my payments, keeping them as is + not touching any savings.

Here yo have 2 weeks and spending equivalent to my usual weekly budget, which I am 99% always exceeding. So it can be done!

Also to clarify, in those weeks there are several dinners out, nights out, Cirque du Soleil and many nights of dinner cooked by the bf. He doesn’t realize it but he is one big help to me! I am glad that he is inclined to pick up the bill for both of us most of the time, but I like to put in a contribution whenever possible as well.

Fri October 12
$9 Bikini Village (total was $84 but I had a $75 Visa gift card)
$18 Black stockings x2 to cover up my medical tape taped leg at a wedding reception
Total: $27

Sat October 13
No spend day!!!!!

Sun October 14
No spend day!!!!!

Mon October 15

$50 Groceries

Tues October 16
No spend day!!!!!

Wed October 17
No spend day!!!!!

Thurs October 18
No spend day!!!!!

Weekly Total: $77

Fri October 19
No spend day!!!!!

Sat October 20
No spend day!!!!!

Sun October 21
No spend day!!!!!

Mon October 22
$7 Mask for Halloween Costume
$10 Lunch
Total: $17

Tues October 23
$57 Gas

Wed October 24
$10 Second breakfast + Tim Bit treat for coworkers

Thurs October 25
No spend day!!!!!

Weekly Total: $84

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4 Responses to If I wanted to, I can do it

  1. Hey, that’s not so bad for the week and you have quite a few “no spend” days in there. I don’t know about you but making it through a day and not spending any money makes us feel good. Some people struggle to stay out of the shops every day and it costs them a fortune in debt. Mr.CBB

  2. Great work ! So many no spend days !:)

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