Online Dating Pet Peeves

Because you need to avoid these people:

1. Pictures in the mirror. – Show me that you have a life. I am sure you get out of your room from time to time.

2. Pictures with a girl cropped out. – Seriously I totally cannot see that little bit of blond hair resting on your shoulder.

3. Your profile looks like it is written like a bad text message or you use a Capital Letter For Every Word – really really annoying!

4. You classify yourself as ‘athletic and toned’ but under exercising you put ‘never’ and you really look like you had one too many dates with a keg.

5. Your first message to me is “cool me your#”.

6. You say that you are trying online dating for the first time, but I have seen your profile on 3 different sites for the last few years.

7. All of your pictures are staged and you look like a bad impersonation of Zoolander. – show me that you have a real life.

8. Stop flexing shirtless in the mirror.- Nice to look at for a second and nice to go on one date with.

9. You have a different hair style in every picture – if you can’t commit to one hair style how can you commit to me.

10.  You keep sending me messages even after I have told you nicely that I have ‘met someone else’.

And I am compiling another 10 bad online pick up lines list. To go with these 2 posts

Online Dating Pick Up Lines

Part 2: Online Dating Pick Up Lines

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2 Responses to Online Dating Pet Peeves

  1. perthians says:

    I hear ya, I was single a lot of years before I met my husband, most dates were a waste of make- up

  2. dsantos85 says:

    i couldn’t agree more with all of these!

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